CandyCoat Products

CandyCoat is a semi-permanent silicon dioxide (SIO2) based ceramic nano coating that provides YEARS of paint protection because it chemically bonds to your vehicle’s clear coat and does not wash off like a wax or sealant. The more pitted your car’s paint is with scratches, watermarks, swirls etc. the easier it is for dirt and other environmental contaminants to work their way into the tiny microscopic pores of your paintwork. CandyCoat fills in these tiny pores to create an extremely smooth vehicle surface. The result is an easy to clean super hydrophobic finish that repels dirt, bugs, road grime, bird droppings and other environmental contaminants from permanently damaging your paint.


Our Warranty

We are committed to bringing the most innovative and dependable products to market through continual research and development. Our goal is to create the highest quality ceramic nano coating products while providing unparalleled customer service to the automotive industry. For that reason, our CandyCoat Pro and CandyCoat Premier are professional level coatings that can only be purchased and applied by Certified Installers. CandyCoat Pro comes with a 6 Year Limited Warranty and our NEW CandyCoat Premier comes with a 9 Year Limited Warranty.


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